Allocation & Internal Audit Committee (AIA)

Responsibility - Integrity - Leadership - Unity - Opportunity


How to navigate our site

To find out when our meetings are, you can refer to our Events page.

Our Surveys and Forms page includes: Reimbursement Forms, Expense Tracking Form, Appeals Request Form, Organizational Revenue Forms, and much more!

The Resources dropdown features different documents and links for your organization.

Our Mission Statement

The Allocation and Internal Audit Committee is a body of student leaders charged with thoughtfully and responsibly allocating the Student Activity Fee. In dispersing the Fee, the Committee provides the financial support necessary to execute the mission of Bentley’s student organizations. We aim to promote student expression through clubs and their programs, encouraging the representation of the unique backgrounds and beliefs that make up our community. Guided by our core values of Responsibility, Leadership, Unity, Opportunity, and Integrity, we strive to make decisions that help every Falcon feel at home throughout their Bentley experience. The Committee actively endeavors to foster an environment where organizations know that they have the resources and support necessary for their growth.









I have a question - who should I contact?

Your liaison should always be your first point of contact with questions! You can also email us at, or drop into our Office Hours to ask a liaison quick questions you may have.

Events & Activities

Plan your appeals by referring to our Events page for our meeting times.

Exclusive Resources

All of our forms and documents have transitioned to our CampusGroups for one easy, go-to spot for anything AIA.


AIA is here to help your organization put on the events that make our campus come to life!

Our Team

Miriam Acajabon
Rohan Atreya
Andrew Lenox
William Greco
Matthew Brittingham
Baxter Bishop
Emma Taylor
Emily LaRosa
Jack Flaherty
Account Manager
Samantha Duong
Alyson Shirley
Vice Chair
Riley Fickett