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About Us

BASA strives to promote Asian culture and cultural understanding within the Bentley community. Our mission is to provide a network of support and a safe space for Asian, Asian-American, and non-Asian students alike at Bentley by creating awareness and understanding of culture, heritage, and identity within the community at large.

We host annual events such as the Asian Night Market in the Fall and the Asian Culture Gala in the Spring to showcase foods and performances from different Asian cultures.









Members Benefits

Join BASA to connect with a diverse community of people from many different backgrounds and stay up-to-date on our upcoming events and activities!

We will be holding events such as:

  • Bubble Tea Time: Students can have a safe space to share their thoughts and opinions about current events
  • Bonding events: Movie nights, socials, etc. to meet other students and make new friends

Events & Activities

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Meeting new students with shared interest.

Our Team

Sophia Duong Profile

Sophia Duong

First Year Liaison
Maggie Sun Profile

Maggie Sun

First Year Liaison
Tommy Nguyen Profile

Tommy Nguyen

First Year Liaison
Karmen Ta Profile

Karmen Ta

Creative Director
Claudette Blot Profile

Claudette Blot

Paulina Hem Profile

Paulina Hem

Event Coordinator
Phillip Tran Profile

Phillip Tran

Khushi Singh Profile

Khushi Singh

Khoa Pham Profile

Khoa Pham

Harry Chow Profile

Harry Chow

Creative Director
Queena Wu Profile

Queena Wu

Poon Phentrakul Profile

Poon Phentrakul

Media Specialist
Jordan Tandjung Profile

Jordan Tandjung

Event Coordinator
Emily Yap Profile

Emily Yap

Head of Events
Sarah Tran Profile

Sarah Tran

Banmai Huynh Profile

Banmai Huynh

Senior Advisor
Sara Holt Profile

Sara Holt

Senior Advisor
Jessica Wu Profile

Jessica Wu

Graphic Design Specialist
ThaoVy Ha Profile

ThaoVy Ha

Senior Advisor
Hao Cao Profile

Hao Cao

Senior Advisor
Lilyane Tran Profile

Lilyane Tran

Senior Advisor


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