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The Bentley Entrepreneurship Society is an on-campus organization dedicated to building a welcoming and active community for entrepreneurs to collaborate, develop entrepreneurial skills, and pursue new or existing ventures. Throughout the year, we host workshops, panels, competitions, and mixers with other on-campus organizations and different university partners that teach numerous entrepreneurial skills such as design thinking, team building, financial forecasting, marketing, go-to-market strategy/market research, and public speaking, all of which can be applied in the workplace. As an evolving organization, we seek to support students who are ambitious, creative, and ready to initiate impactful change through a variety of methods: 1.) Frequent contact and collaboration with Bentley's Entrepreneurship Hub and Greater Boston University affiliates. 2.) Connecting BES members with professionals, including Bentley Alumni who are specialists in numerous domains, to assist them in nurturing their ideas or ventures. 3.) Create inter-Bentley partnerships to bring out the best in the community we were founded to serve and educate. By joining the BES movement, you can expect endless university and Boston event opportunities, community support, unparalleled access to Alumni coaching, and constant growth of your peer network to advance your entrepreneurial goals. If you have any questions or would like more information, please reach out at









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Our Team

Alden Waterhouse Profile

Alden Waterhouse

Mourad Mokrani Profile

Mourad Mokrani

Vice President of Operations
Anthony Mariello Profile

Anthony Mariello

Senior Advisor
Arpa Banik Profile

Arpa Banik

Senior Advisor
Alexandre Fichbein Marcon Profile

Alexandre Fichbein Marcon

Assistant Treasurer
Rodrigo Bentin Velarde Profile

Rodrigo Bentin Velarde

Hannah Genovesi Profile

Hannah Genovesi

Marketing Manager
Sandeep Purao Profile

Sandeep Purao

Devansh Bhartia Profile

Devansh Bhartia

Entrepreneurial Consultant/Outreach Coordinator
Coop Caiozzo Profile

Coop Caiozzo

Outreach Coordinator
Agnes Szymanski Profile

Agnes Szymanski

Dillon Cupples Profile

Dillon Cupples

Content Coordinator
Philip Eviston Profile

Philip Eviston

Content Coordinator
Vireen Chainani Profile

Vireen Chainani

Freshman Liaison
Siqi Li Profile

Siqi Li

Freshman Liaison


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