Bentley Cheerleading

Come help us cheer on fellow falcons in a challenging and fun team setting.


About the Team

We are a nationally ranked Division II team that competes at both local and national competitions. On-campus, we also cheer at all home games for Varsity Football, Men's Basketball, and Women's Basketball. The team also enjoys spending time together at other campus events as well as engaging in various team bonding exercises. In past years, we have practiced between 1-3 days per week.

About the Coaches

Head Coach Tash Little is a graduate of Framingham State University and was a member of their cheer team for her entire college experience. She went on to cheer for the Boston Celtics for two seasons at both games and a variety of NBA events. Assistant Coach Amanda Hartnett also grew up cheering and went on to cheer at Western Connecticut State University. Tash joined the team in 2018 as Head Coach and Amanda has been with the team since 2013.









Members Benefits

NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! Whether you have competitively cheered for 12 years or have never done a cartwheel before in your life, anyone who is willing to learn and comes into practice with a positive attitude can learn the sport. Members of Bentley Cheer learn to understand the importance of a team dynamic through tough practices and genuine friendship. The team can be a great source of mentorship for underclassmen in hearing and getting to know upperclassmen during the transition period to Bentley. While the team works hard, we enjoy spending time outside of practice hanging out or going off-campus to share meals with one another.

Our Team

Erin Cavanagh Profile

Erin Cavanagh

Kayla Casamento Profile

Kayla Casamento

Head Coach
Sophia Grayson Profile

Sophia Grayson

Head Coach
Lexi Taft Profile

Lexi Taft

Dana Trivigno Profile

Dana Trivigno

Athletics Staff Liaison
Felicia Korte Profile

Felicia Korte

Athletics Staff Liaison

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    Email with any questions or concerns regarding the upcoming 2020-2021 season. Head Coach Tashali Little and Assistant Coach Amanda Harnett are also happy to answer any questions about the team or practices/skills.