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a student organization that merges the different cultures that are represented by the Bentley community. We aim to create strong, diverse relationships and achieve cultural appreciation through different events and activities throughout the academic year.


is to organize events both on and off-campus to allow our members to familiarize themselves with the Bentley community and get to know the Boston area. At ISA, we aim to create networking and social opportunities as well as exposing our members to diversity and culture. Our goals include enriching campus diversity, building meaningful relationships, and having fun while doing so!


Everyone has something to offer, regardless of where we are from - we believe in the power of diversity. It's all about where you want to be and who you want to surround yourself with. Dare to join ISA to experience what the power of your differences can really do!

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    Find a Community

    ISA brings our students from all corners of the world to a single organization; be a part of the community.

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    Promote Diversity

    Bentley's student body is diverse in culture and background. ISA is a safe space to indulge in culture and learn from others.

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    Campus Involvement

    ISA is proud to be known as an organization that brings beloved events to our campus—festival of colors, Six Flags trip, Halloween in Salem, and more!

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    Global Voice

    In 2018, we founded the Global Voice initiative, through which ISA looks to expand its purposes to be larger than merely entertaining. We want to serve as the medium through which Bentley's international community can express its concerns, recommendations, or feedback to the various bodies that deal with foreign matters at Bentley. We aim to become an organization where international students look up to when problems arise and new solutions need to be developed. As international students, we all establish the core of Bentley's first-ever Global Voice!


    The goal of Global Voice is to support international students at Bentley by identifying the professional, academic and social challenges of being international and creating innovative solutions to maximize opportunities for success

    Past Projects

    ┬À Hosted international student career panel discussions

    ┬À Created a networking partnership with Vistaprint

    ┬À Worked with Career Services for the introduction of Interstride

    Future Projects

    ┬À Invite foreign firms to virtual career events to market non-US based job opportunities

    ┬À Collaborate with the ESOL Center and Math Lab to address translation issues in introductory Math classes

    ┬À Discuss the inclusion of non-US literature with the EMS department for EXP101 classes

    Our E-Board

    Chris Mac Lean Profile

    Chris Mac Lean

    VP of Global Voice
    Ariana Ramirez Montoro Profile

    Ariana Ramirez Montoro

    Maya Sakya Profile

    Maya Sakya

    Marketing Chair
    Sam Bor Profile

    Sam Bor

    Ralph Juergens Profile

    Ralph Juergens

    Suvasha Shrestha Profile

    Suvasha Shrestha

    Vice President
    Nicole Varela Ramirez Profile

    Nicole Varela Ramirez

    Elena Manesi Profile

    Elena Manesi

    Senior Advisor


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