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About Us

The mission of Kosmos to enrich the Bentley community with a new type of dance style. By creating this organization, Kosmos will add more diversity to Bentley by introducing K-pop as well as encouraging people to step out of their comfort zones. Also, with the creation of this dance organization, it will give Bentley students the opportunity to connect with others who enjoy the same type of music and share the same passion for K-pop dances. Students who are a part of this dance organization will demonstrate their love of K-pop song and dances through rehearsals and performances around campus.









Members Benefits

-Learning dances to your favorite K-pop songs -Exploring a variety of dance styles -A welcoming, enthusiastic, and encouraging space to learn -Confidence building through practices and performances

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Meeting new students with shared interest

Our Team

Emily Aguirre Profile

Emily Aguirre

Junior Advisor
Sabrina Yang Profile

Sabrina Yang

Renee Zhao Profile

Renee Zhao

Vice President
Yu Yang Profile

Yu Yang

Assistant Choreographer
Jessica Lu Profile

Jessica Lu

Assistant Choreographer
Ritika Mittal Profile

Ritika Mittal

Shwe Win Profile

Shwe Win

First Year Liaison
Dariia Ivakhnenkova Profile

Dariia Ivakhnenkova

Amir Abaskanov Profile

Amir Abaskanov

Junior Advisor
Tracy Lai Profile

Tracy Lai

First Year Liaison
Jennifer Perez Sandoval Profile

Jennifer Perez Sandoval

Marketing Assistant
Eliana Chen Profile

Eliana Chen

First Year Liaison
Lexi Aguila Profile

Lexi Aguila

Marketing Chair
Isa Ampie Schneegans Profile

Isa Ampie Schneegans

Senior Advisor
Hannah Tenecota Arpi Profile

Hannah Tenecota Arpi

First Year Liaison
Lizzie Zhu Profile

Lizzie Zhu

Senior Advisor
Kevin Zhou Profile

Kevin Zhou

Senior Advisor

E: Kosmos@bentley.edu


175 Forest St
Waltham MA 02452
United States