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Be a part of a vibrant community that brings Korean culture, performances, and food to our campus.


About Us

The Korean Student Association aims to introduce Korean culture through community events, such as exciting performances, beloved food, as well as folk games. KSA also intends to put Bentley University on the map by connecting with other organizations within the Boston area, as well as stretching all the way to South Korea. As an organization embedded in a business school, KSA gives club members an opportunity to experience leadership in a cultural and community-based way.









Past Events With KSA

We're a proud organization that has brought exciting events to our campus. We connect with local Korean restaurants and institutions to bring a bit of South Korea to our campus here in Waltham, MA. But we can't do it alone—we bring the food and culture, and our campus brings the community. Check out below what events you can be a part of!

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The Korean Student Association (KSA) brings performances, events, and food to our vibrant campus. Want to be a part of the community? Stay connected with us to hear about our leadership and event opportunities!

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Meet fellow club members as well interact with other similar cultural organizations!

Our E-Board

Ngan Vo Profile

Ngan Vo

Amy Zheng Profile

Amy Zheng

First Year Liaison
Jake Schunke Profile

Jake Schunke

First Year Liaison
Jooha Choi Profile

Jooha Choi

First Year Liaison
Brandon Lin Profile

Brandon Lin

Marketing Chair
Makena Nagasako Profile

Makena Nagasako

Senior Advisor
Chi Ngai Castle Fong Profile

Chi Ngai Castle Fong

Event Coordinator
Fiena Chen Profile

Fiena Chen

Alice Park Profile

Alice Park

Event Coordinator
Samantha Chen Profile

Samantha Chen

Marketing Chair
Leeanne Bahn Profile

Leeanne Bahn

Munachimso Chinedu-Okoro Profile

Munachimso Chinedu-Okoro

Event Coordinator
Anna Garson Profile

Anna Garson



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