Aashna Rana Profile

Aashna Rana

Ashland Leon Profile

Ashland Leon

Ava Movsessian Profile

Ava Movsessian

Ashleigh Tain Profile

Ashleigh Tain

Sophia Bono Profile

Sophia Bono

Glenda Martinez Profile

Glenda Martinez

Vice President of PR
Laila Altanbour Profile

Laila Altanbour

Yasmin Zuibi Profile

Yasmin Zuibi

Vice President of PR
Kayla Park Profile

Kayla Park

Vice President
Mikela Cooper Profile

Mikela Cooper

Event Coordinator
Evan Murray Profile

Evan Murray

Talent Acquisitionist
Zachery Simpson Profile

Zachery Simpson

Kiara Patterson Profile

Kiara Patterson

Public Relations Outreach Chair
Nereyda Betances Profile

Nereyda Betances

Social Media Coordinator
Natalie Scudero Profile

Natalie Scudero

Graphic Design Lead
Anthony Huang Profile

Anthony Huang

Photography Lead
Serene Shamsi Profile

Serene Shamsi

Videography Lead
Harry Chow Profile

Harry Chow

Graphic Design Lead
Thu Pham Profile

Thu Pham

Graphic Design Lead
Elizabeth Ledoux Profile

Elizabeth Ledoux