The Organization Management Committee in SGA helps Bentley community members pursue their unique interests and share their passions. We are here to guide you through the recognition process to become an officially recognized Bentley org under SP&E.

To get started, fill out the request form below. You can also start looking for fellow e-board members and a faculty advisor.

Recognition Process Overview:

Four Keys to SGA Recogntion

1) Demonstrate a unique need in the Bentley Community

2) Abide by all AIA policy regarding the student activity fee

3) Plan for long term continuity

4) Be available for all Bentley community members

Required Documentation

1) 10 Questions Document

2) Draft Constitution

3) 100 Supporting Signatures

4) Faculty/Staff Advisor Statement


Present for 15 minutes to SGA and field senator questions for 10 minutes

Yes vote -- Your organization is approved.

No vote -- Your organization was rejected, you can appeal the decision in the next semester

Too Many Questions vote -- Schedule another 15 minutes of senator questions

Recognition Petitions & New Organization Request