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The purpose of B.U.B is to celebrate, educate and promote the black culture on and off campus. Additionally, B.U.B will promote retention and academic success for Black and African American Students. We are dedicated to diversity and cultural awareness by promoting open dialogue between Black students and the entire Bentley community. We will spread awareness through social events, educational gatherings, collaboration with other organizations on campus and meetings with Staff and Faculty on campus.









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Our Team

Megan Girmaiy Profile

Megan Girmaiy

Edissa Ndayikeza Profile

Edissa Ndayikeza

Michelle Dabenigno Profile

Michelle Dabenigno

Jessica Miceli Profile

Jessica Miceli

Jeffrey Charles Profile

Jeffrey Charles

Muhammad Sall Profile

Muhammad Sall

Carolina Torres Profile

Carolina Torres

Adanna Magachi Profile

Adanna Magachi

Vice President
Markus Facey-Castillo Profile

Markus Facey-Castillo

Mozart Saint Cyr Profile

Mozart Saint Cyr

India Haynesworth Profile

India Haynesworth

Nyleah Febles Profile

Nyleah Febles

Kaliah Hercules Profile

Kaliah Hercules

Maya Terzi Profile

Maya Terzi

Denise Donkor Profile

Denise Donkor

Marketing Chair
Kassidi Thompson Profile

Kassidi Thompson

Renee Asafo-Adjei Profile

Renee Asafo-Adjei

Daya Ssemakula Profile

Daya Ssemakula

FS Modeling Director
Johanna Cardoso Profile

Johanna Cardoso

FS Media Director
Kenan Fong Profile

Kenan Fong

Ariana Cadet Profile

Ariana Cadet

Operations Committee
Tia Hashem Profile

Tia Hashem

FS Marketing Director
Mama Darboe Profile

Mama Darboe

Adrian Ramonetti Profile

Adrian Ramonetti

Operations Chair
Anuar Bessam Profile

Anuar Bessam

Fashion Show Director
Rosie Thompson Profile

Rosie Thompson

FS Assistant Director
Kevin Aprea Cabrera Profile

Kevin Aprea Cabrera

Treasurer Assistant
Hunter Smith Profile

Hunter Smith

Operations Committee
Jaychele Nicole Profile

Jaychele Nicole

DEI Chair
Mich Ongwen Profile

Mich Ongwen

FS Production Assistant


Black United Body

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