Sister Spotlights

Find out why our sisters are so great!


Brooke Carver is a sophomore from Maine majoring in Management, with a minor in Nonprofit Organization. She joined Kappa Delta in the Spring 2019 semester and since then has developed strong sister relationships, most notably with her Big.  She is a dedicated sister and her participation and willingness to help others does not go unnoticed.  Within Kappa Delta, Brooke takes part in Shamrock Committee, where she helps plan for our annual dodgeball tournament to raise money for Prevent Child Abuse America.

"My favorite thing about Kappa Delta is knowing I have a friend everywhere I go.  Every day I walk to class and see a KD and I always know that if I need anything I’ll have a sister to help me.” –Brooke Carver

When not creating the lovely door decorations for Kappa Delta, Brooke is involved in Student Alumni Leadership Council, where she serves as Vice President of Public Relations. In this organization, she is tasked with enhancing the bond today’s students share with Bentley’s extensive alumni community.  Brooke enjoys being involved in alumni events to see first-hand the amazing things that Bentley alumni have done with their education.

Brooke is planning to study abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark.  She is eager to fully immerse herself into the Danish culture and gain a more worldly view.


Mary Sullivan is a sophomore, majoring in Management with a Liberal Studies Major in Ethics & Social Justice. She is a transfer student, about to finish her first year at Bentley, and joined Kappa Delta in the 2019 fall semester.

Mary has already bettered the Bentley community through Service Learning. As a Program Manager, Mary works to pair Bentley students with Afghan students for online English tutoring. Mary describes her Service Learning experience as transformative and impactful.

"Service learning has allowed me to pursue my passion of social justice on campus. Working with the Afghan students has shown me that higher education is such a privilege." -Mary Sullivan-

In Kappa Delta, Mary serves as one of the LipSync Appointed Officers. She combines her strong dancing background with her passion for Kappa Delta to bring our LipSync dance to the next level. Mary says her favorite part about Kappa Delta is the frequent sisterhood events because she gets to spend time with her on-campus family.