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About Us

Bentley Leading Women of Tomorrow (LWT) is a bipartisan organization dedicated to elevating women. The national organization is dedicated to equipping undergraduate women with the skills, resources, and confidence to become advocated within their fields and public service. Our chapter at Bentley is dedicated to helping women and their allies understand the roles in government available, contemporary political issues, and modern female leaders.









Members Benefits

We a proud to provide our members with a variety of benefits that will help them throughout their time at Bentley, as well as beyond!

Events & Activities

Designed to help our members learn more about contemporary political issues, network with women in government, and build a community of supportive women and allies on campus.

Connect with the Community

As a local chapter of the larger Leading Women of Tomorrow organization, you will be able to connect with the nationals organization, as well as the Bentley and Waltham community.

Educate Yourself & Become an Advocate

Learn more about contemporary political subjects in a bi-partisan manner in order to become more informed, make your own opinions, and gain resources on how to become an advocate.

Our Team

Jillian Evans Profile

Jillian Evans

First Year Liaison
Heemakshi Deka Profile

Heemakshi Deka

Megan Forman Profile

Megan Forman

Event Coordinator

E: lwt_bentley@bentley.edu

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