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Our Mission

The purpose of RHA is to create a unified and exciting community in all residence halls and to improve the lives of Bentley residents.

Unique and Impactful Events

RHA engages with the community by hosting a variety of events and campaigns that aim to improve the lives of students.

Breakfast by Moonlight

RHA hosts one of Bentley's most exciting traditions - breakfast by moonlight. As a kickoff to finals RHA serves breakfast late into the night for all Bentley students to enjoy!

NEACURH Conference

Each year, RHA participates in a weekend long conference to connect and network with RHAs all around the northeast. At this event we compete for awards, learn from a variety of communities, and inspire others.









RHA Committees

We divide RHA into different committees in order to maximize our reach and accomplish as much as we can


Plans, coordinates, and facilitates events. Additionally, it brainstorms new event and campaign ideas. Sets the stage for what RHA will look like in this new virtual world.


Reviews and brainstorms policies to create the best residence hall experience. Works with the Food Service Advisory Board (FSAB) to accomplish these goals.

External Affairs

Plans and prepares for the NEACURH conference or virtual alternatives. Utilizes external resources to improve the residence hall experience.

Equity and Inclusion

Works to promote justice, diversity, and inclusion on campus. Hopes to collaborate with Residential Center leadership to review residential hall policies and ensure that they are equitable to every student.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about RHA or would like to learn more please reach out to:

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